In 2014, the brand was created VUALL!

November 06, 2015.

The group of designers in France and Latvia, headed by Selina Keer - which is the main designer and mastermind, came to the conclusion about the birth of a collection that combines the business and femininity and style!

"VUALL" - brand name, contains the mystery mystery of female nature and generosity!

Innocence and temptation can carry it easy, noble word ... How quiet rustling of fabric and women's mysteries ajar - meaning of the name carries and the direction of the collection - glamorous - romantic!

The evening at the restaurant, celebrations with friends, going out - on all occasions have offers from VUALL!

But business woman who is able to control and knowing what she wants out of life - always find a collection VUALLveschi and every day and for special business meetings.

The ability to combine all together - a great trump card for sale. Every thing may look differently from the other and acquires new colors and mood!

The quality of materials is very important for us and fabrics are only the best manufacturers of Italy and France!

Just in the brand VUALL included models that are developed on the larger sizes (up to 56 Italian size)!

These articles are convenient and thoughtful: the correct length, cut-out, landing growth and sleeves - all in the smallest detail is developed by designers and technologists of the highest class!

Seamstresses and technology - is the pride of our production! Finesse and precision seamstresses France and Latvia provides excellent quality.

The entire staff has extensive experience in large companies and is an expert in sewing business.

VUALL - the brand for all ages!

Girl 17 years old can choose a gorgeous dress VUALL on prom night!

And a woman of 60 years may acquire VUALL suit for every day and on the way out!

We try to make things original and quality while remaining within the range of prices available to almost everyone!

The world is diverse ... but try to look at it through VUALL ...

You will be pleasantly surprised with a new colors and charm ....